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Work Permit and Instructions

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Work Permit Instructions

Note: Form could take 7 to 10 days to process.

"Application for Minor Work Permit" Form (page 1)

Student/Applicant Information - Student or parent fills out. Must be signed by parent or guardian.

Pledge of Employer - Employer fills out. Must be signed by employer.
Employer must fill in tax ID number, number of days worked per week and hours worked per day (mandatory).

"Physician's Certificate for Minor Work Permit" (page 2)

Applicant Information - Parent, student, or physician may fill out

Physician's Approval - Must be signed by physician and dated.
Exception: Sports physical dated with a year is acceptable.

Please make sure form is filled out completely. Bring the completed form and documentation for proof of age (driver's license, State ID, or a copy of your birth certificate) to GOAL Digital Academy Office in Mansfield or (your local lab). Jolene Healea from the Fiscal Office will complete your application process.