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Enroll in GOAL Digital Academy

Online Application
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Paper Application

Parents who are interested in enrolling a child in GOAL Digital Academy should complete an application to begin that process.

You will then need to bring the following documents into GOAL's office to complete the application and to schedule your students orientation:
  • Copy of birth certificate (not a hospital's or mother's certificate)
  • Copy of Social Security Card
  • Proof of Ohio Residency (a copy of a utility bill, rental agreement, etc. that includes the home address is acceptable)
  • Copy of immunization records or waiver.
  • Copy of custody or divorce papers.
When we receive the documents, we will request school records from the student's current school, including their transcript, test scores, most recent grade card, and any special needs documentation.

Although we are requesting records, please note that no student is officially enrolled in GOAL until they have attended an orientation. You may withdraw your child from his or her previous school immediately after orientation.

If you can also bring copies of the school records at the time of orientation, it will assist in enrolling your child in the proper classes.