"If not for GOAL, I'd never have graduated..."

About Our School:

GOAL Digital Academy is a public on-line community school, serving students throughout the State of Ohio in grades K – 12, with a curriculum written to Ohio Academic Content Standards. GOAL opened its doors in Edison, Ohio, with the 2002-2003 school year, and has grown to five physical locations since then: Mansfield, Mount Gilead, Galion, Delaware, and Marion.
We regard each student and family as important. Therefore, teachers and administrators cooperatively team with students and parents to personalize an education that incorporates individual students’ needs and goals.
Parents play a crucial role in their children’s education. GOAL provides training to parents, ensuring that all students receive quality instruction, assistance, and supervision.
At GOAL, we pride ourselves on being flexible and innovative while actively supporting our students as they work to achieve their goals.
GOAL offers an array of educational services and programs for its students. Special education services and intervention programs are provided for students in all grades for those who require such services. Small resource room hybrid courses are offered for all students who are on an Individualized Educational Program.



Congratulations - Graduating Class of 2017

"Congratulations" Class of 2017 - 82 students received diplomas

" Congratuations" Class of 2016 ~ 64 Graduates

Andrew (8th Grade Student) - Came to GOAL this year (2015-16) so I could go on the motorcross circuit and travel throughout the year. With the chromebook and MIFI I could do my school work as my parents drove me to the different competitions throughout the United States.

Brittany ( HS Graduate) - I've been with GOAL for 3 years, wanting to finish early and pursue a career in the medical field. GOAL helped to make that possible by allowing me to take extra classes. Now I'm enrolled at Columbus State.

Heather ( HS student) - "If not for GOAL I'd never graduated. I was a pregnant teen who was sick lots, missing school and ready to be expelled for truancy. At GOAL I could work on my school work anytime of the day, now I'm a mom and a high school graduate."

L.A. (HS student) - "Thanks to GOAL I was able to get my diploma and still do the one thing that I love doing most - showing horses. I could travel with the horses and still complete the needed courses to graduate."

What's Happening At GOAL This Year: 2016 - 2017!

GOAL Digital Academy's 9/11 Presentation

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